5 international experts

With decades of experience

5 international experts

With decades of experience


Nick has over 30 years of experience in integrating eastern and western forms of mind-body therapy. He uses Shiatsu, Clean Language and various mindfulness-based approaches in his practice and teaches workshops internationally for bodywork therapists on how to use Clean Language. His book, ‘Words That Touch – How to ask questions your body can answer’ (Singing Dragon, 2017), is a comprehensive guide to using Clean Language for mind/body practitioners. His current research is on what bodywork therapists can learn from the disciplines of the performing and creative arts.

More about Nick: www.nickpole.com


Antigoni is a Zen Shiatsu practitioner, Teacher in Body and Facial Therapy and Qi Gong Trainer. Her Shaolin Kung Fu character led her to Shiatsu training. Since 1996 basic studies, CPD trainings, energy work, spiritual travels all integrated to her personal style. She designs various experiential courses for personal and professional development. She has been President of the Hellenic Shiatsu Society and she currently continues her voluntary support as Vice President. She introduces the program ‘Developing Focusing as a Metaskill into Shiatsu and Energy Work’. By listening to our “innerscapes”, we create empathy for ourselves and we take part to the Art of Life. Then through Shiatsu we bring compassion to the world. The body knows, the soul listens, the spirit lives” reflects her therapeutic work.

More about Antigoni: www.harmonize.gr



Mihael has spent the last 25 years exploring, researching, learning and working with the effects of traumatic events on the bodymind. He has personally treated over 15,000 people suffering from trauma and chronic pain as founder & lead therapist of AH Integrative centre. There he created customized innovative programs, collaborating and working with a team of naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, psychologists, counsellors, occupational therapists, massage therapists, osteopaths, acupuncturists, nutritionists as well as yoga & mindfulness therapists.

More about Mihael: www.neuropathresetmethod.com



Katerina has been working as a Shiatsu therapist for 14 years. The original sports and movement therapist and Qi Gong teacher has been working successfully in psychiatric clinics for 22 years and enabled Shiatsu to enter the world of psychiatric clinics in Switzerland. Some clinics followed her example and integrated Shiatsu into their range of therapies. Through clinical work she gained a lot of experience in the psychiatric context and thus also with trauma and post traumatic stress disorder. Through her training in hypnotherapy, she developed a way to combine Shiatsu with hypnosis, giving her even deeper, more successful treatment options. She works interdisciplinary with doctors, psychologists and complementary therapists and has been working as a lecturer in the Qi Gong and Shiatsu methods for many years. She is now the training manager for Shiatsu at the naturopathic school in Luzern. Katerina is an examiner at the OdaKT for the higher professional exam as a complementary therapist.

More about Katerina: www.my-shiatsu.ch


Mike has been practicing Shiatsu full-time for 30 years, specializing in more complex subject areas and the healing arts aspect of Shiatsu. This includes the study of TCM and clinical practice in China. In addition to his Shiatsu practice, he is the director of the International Academy for Hara Shiatsu in Vienna, which has been collaborating with clinical institutions for 25 years to create a synthesis between western and eastern medicine. Mike was also the director of the 5th European Shiatsu Congress, author of several successful books on Shiatsu and TCM, an international speaker with courses throughout Europe and an enthusiastic father of three children.

More about Mike: www.mikemandl.eu

Additional teachers

For additional topics

we take you to the Summit

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In addition to the 5 main courses, you can expect an extensive program at the Summit, whether morning exercises, exchange sessions or panel discussions. All these program points are also directly related to the Summit title: Anxiety, Trauma & Hope. These additional courses broaden and deepen the spectrum of access and understanding. Experts with many years of experience and profound knowledge are looking forward to sharing their approach with you.

Eszter Madocsai

Eszter is a shiatsu therapist and teacher of shiatsu and do-in. She studied in Graz at the Internationale Shiatsu Schule Österreich (ISSÖ) and graduated in 1997. Her original profession is a special education teacher, has taken the degree at the Special Education University. She founded the International School of Shiatsu Budapest. The introduction and spread of shiatsu in Hungary can be attributed to her. In the school that has been operating continuously for 25 years with excellent colleagues of her, 126 people have obtained a shiatsu-practitioner diploma. The training takes place according to the guidelines of the ESF. She developed the study process of the do-in instructor training. Her personal passion is spreading the greatness of this self-healing method. She publishes regularly in newspapers and on online platforms. She is the author of two books: The Way of Internal Harmony – Do-in and Shiatsu – Approach and Practice. (only in Hungarian).

More about Eszter: www.shiatsu.hu

Wulf Löffler

Wulf has been practicing Shiatsu for more than 20 years, specializing on working with elderly people as well as children and teenagers, particularly dealing with ADHD or eating disorders. As a father of three boys, children and parenting are a major concern in his life. Apart from his practice, clinical work and teaching at the International Academy for Hara Shiatsu Wulf gives workshops in Austria and abroad.

More about Wulf: www.hara-shiatsu.com

Barbara Katacic

Barbara is a psychology graduate who combines the best approaches from East and West in her work. She leads the child psychosomatics internship at the Ottakring Clinic for the International Academy for Hara Shiatsu. This specialist internship is one of the longest collaborations between conventional and alternative medicine: Hara Shiatsu has been part of the therapy offering for almost 25 years. The profiteers: children with predominantly traumatic backgrounds.

More about Barbara: www.mach-es-shiatsu.com

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